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Professional manufacturer of chemical anchor using for strong fixings and high bondings.

Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of chemical anchoring system with more than 20 years experiences in the field. In order to offer best quality and competitive price, we have injection machines making Nylon cartridges to cost down.

From the raw materials to finished produsts all made in Taiwan to assure steady quality. As a veteran of OEM & ODM provider, we offer customized label, package, formula services per demands and export worldwide.

Chemical anchors is a kind of chemical fixing system for fastening rebars, threaded rods, studs, bolts, steel strips firmly onto concrete, brick, masonry with high tensile strength function.Widely applied for general fixings of window, street light, foundation, sanitary, machines and for construction as structure modifications or reinforcement.

Various type of chemical anchors for different cost, performances and markets.

GU-100 Polyester with styrene for 150ml, 235ml, 280ml, 345ml, 360ml, 380ml

GU-500 Pure Epoxy for 400ml and 650ml

GU-500XP Pure Epoxy for winter season for 400ml and 650ml

GU-600 Epoxy Acrylate with styrene for 150ml, 235ml, 280ml, 345ml, 360ml, 380ml

GU-2000 Vinylester styrene free for 150ml, 235ml, 280ml, 345ml, 360ml, 380ml

Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. will be your reliable partner that you can cooperate for a long term business.