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Chemical anchors manufacturer with 20 years OEM experience.

Leading manufacturer of chemical anchor with over 25 years experience


What is chemical anchor used for?

Connection, extension, join and strengthening for new structure or existing concrete structure from residential buildings to bridges. Extend existing structure like wall extension, column extensions, beam extensions, slab extensions, balcony extensions. Post-installed rebar is less limited and useful for structure reinforcement than concrete covered cast-in place bars. It can be for easy fixings in house or large civil infrastructure. Applications is flexible and wide that all you can find here with full range of chemical anchor.


The load value is key feature of injectable adhesive which has superior bond performance than mechanical fasteners. The manufacturer provides bond strength table or testing report by approval lab for reference. But under different installation conditions like weather, concrete, hole cleaning, installer at construction sites, the result come out differently. So proper installation procedure, right products, suitable testing equipment and trained installer effect the quality.


According to the applications and environment to select proper adhesive anchoring system. There are longer curing time and fast curing time anchoring adhesive, high temperature or cold weather version, epoxy for hammer drilled holes or diamond core drilled holes and so on. Please contact us with your demands.

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Polyester Injectable Chemical Anchor - Daul components injectable polyester grouting

Polyester Injectable Chemical Anchor

Polyester chemical anchor is popular item for beginners and wholesalers because it is used for most fixings...

Pure Epoxy Injectable Chemical Anchor - Injectable epoxy anchoring adhesive

Pure Epoxy Injectable Chemical Anchor

Epoxy chemical anchor has excellent steady characteristic and superior bond performance that fit wide...

Epoxy Acrylate Injectable Chemical Anchor - Injectable epoxy acrylate anchoring in concrete

Epoxy Acrylate Injectable Chemical Anchor

Epoxy acrylate chemical anchor has high bonding strength on threaded rod connections which satisfies...

Vinylester Injectable Chemical Anchor - Injectable fast curing vinylester fixing mortar

Vinylester Injectable Chemical Anchor

No styrene contained Vinylester chemical anchor is the fastest curing anchoring resin for quick setting...

Epoxy Can System For Repair Works - Epoxy resin can for repair system

Epoxy Can System For Repair Works

Epoxy resin is useful filler, sealer, and adhesive and it is easy to use. Resins and hardeners are packed...

Nylon Sleeve For Hollow Brick - Injection resin nylon sleeve

Nylon Sleeve For Hollow Brick

Nylon sleeve is designed to hold anchor bolt and chemical anchor in perforated substrate which is a non-expansion...

Caulking Gun - Dual cartridge caulking gun

Caulking Gun

Caulking guns are designed to hold the cartridge securely and provide a smooth, controlled and straight...

Mixing Nozzle and Drilled Hole Cleaning Tools - Mixer nozzle for resin and blow out pump

Mixing Nozzle and Drilled Hole Cleaning Tools

To have a successful chemical anchor installation, a good performance chemical anchor and the accessory...

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Epoxidanker | Hersteller von chemischen Ankern - gute Verwendung

Good Use Hardware Co., einer der besten Epoxidanker | Lieferanten von chemischen Ankern mit Sitz in Taiwan seit 1997.

Zertifizierte chemische Ankerlösungen mit einer großen Auswahl an Klebematerialien, einschließlich Epoxidanker, Betonanker, Harzanker für schwere Lasten bei der Anwendung von Bewehrungsstäben, diamantgebohrten Löchern und Verankerungen in Massivbeton. Anti-Tropf-Formel, ideal für die Installation über Kopf. Inklusive chemischer Ankerbolzen und Ankerbefestigungen für eine effiziente, problemlose und arbeitssparende chemische Verankerung.

Good Use bietet Kunden zertifizierte, geprüfte, hochwertige chemische Anker. Sowohl mit fortschrittlicher Technologie als auch mit 20 Jahren Erfahrung stellt Good Use sicher, dass die Anforderungen jedes Kunden erfüllt werden.