There are different types of chemical anchor in the product series, what is the difference?

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There are different types of chemical anchor in the product series, what is the difference?

There are many different variations chemical anchor system in the market. The differences are usually from the material, the packaging, the mixing ratio, the color, and so on. However, the principle of each type of chemical anchor is the same. By mixing the resin and the hardener to begin the chemical curing process and then to achieve strong bonding result. To meet the market demands, we have developed four types of chemical anchor. With different materials and formula, the chemical anchors can be used for different applications.

Good Use Hardware Chemical Anchor Series
  • GU-100 Polyester chemical anchor: Fast curing, easy to use and economical price make GU-100 very popular in the industry. Suitable for medium loading applications and general fixing projects.
  • GU-600 Epoxy acrylate and GU-2000 Vinylester chemical anchor: Both of GU-600 and GU-2000 are vinylester resins, but GU-2000 is styrene-free product. Base on the character of anti-acid and alkali, GU-2000 is ideal for anchoring projects in aggressive environment.
  • GU-500 Pure Epoxy chemical anchor: Epoxy resin is the strongest one among the chemical anchors. With the outstanding loading strength and resistance to chemicals, GU-500 is the best choice for construction projects. Epoxy chemical anchor is able to bear wide range of temperature from 5 to 40 Celsius degrees.

Эпоксидные анкеры | Производитель химических анкеров - хорошее применение

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Сертифицированные решения для химических анкеров с широким выбором клеевых материалов, включая эпоксидные анкеры, анкеры для бетона, анкеры из смолы для тяжелых нагрузок в арматуре, отверстия с алмазным сверлением и анкеровку в монолитном бетоне. Не капающая формула, идеально подходит для потолочной установки. Включены химические анкерные болты и анкерные крепления для эффективной, легкой и трудоемкой химической анкеровки.

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