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Ведущий производитель химических анкеров с более чем 25-летним опытом


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    Failure modes of chemical anchoring
    24 Dec, 2020

    Chemical anchors provide strong bonding strength to connect objects into concrete and masonry. They are commonly used for all kinds of fixing projects from house repair to civil construction applications. To achieve a successful chemical anchoring and to ensure the reinforcement is strong enough, there are a few key factors to comply and not a single one can be omitted. For example, the diameter of the rod or rebar, the type of chemical anchor, the depth of the hole(embedment), the condition of the concrete (compressive strength), and the installation method. These key factors are influencing the strength of anchorage system and are critical in calculating the load capacity of chemical anchor.

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    Coronavirus update-Good Use Hardware is here with you
    24 Mar, 2020

    We aware the Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across the world and is a serious public health concern. Many factories and companies have been forced to close temporarily to prevent further Corona infection. To protect our employees and their family, as well as our customers and partners is our first priority. We have taken action by requested every employee wearing mask during work and fully prepared to fight the virus. We want you to know we are operating well and are still opening for business. All of the production lines for chemical anchor are running well and ready for more orders in any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any query about chemical anchor, pricing, and orders. Good Use Hardware is here with you to get through this critical moment.

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    IEAT 2019 Fundraiser Event
    10 Jan, 2020

    Good Use Hardware is always kept ahead of others. We participated winter fundraising event which held by Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei since we joined the association and had been contributed for ten years. General manager of Good Use Hardware Mrs. Eva Wu was honored to be invited to attend the ceremony. Good Use Hardware adhere to the principles of “taken from society, give back to society” and will keep participating more social activities in the future.

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    Select right chemical anchor for safety fixings
    13 Nov, 2019

    To ensure safety and long-life fixings, it is important to know the chemical characters for proper applications before select. However, most of customers do not know how to choose suitable products, and it is difficult to understand the difference between each resin. Today we are going to introduce the resins characteristic we use for making our chemical anchor.   There are 3 types of resin in the chemical anchor range which are Polyester, Epoxy acrylate, and Pure epoxy.

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    What is chemical anchor?
    01 Sep, 2019

    In the fastening industry, it's divided to two filed of fixing, mechanical fixings and chemical fixings. Mechanical fixing is like expansion type anchors which is easy and handy for low-middle strength fixings. For permanent and high strength or critical conditions, chemical anchor resin is more sustainable. There are injection type and capsule type of chemical anchor system. Spin-in chemical capsule or hammer-in are very common for general anchoring. But the strength is less than injection cartridge adhesive anchoring and size is limited.

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    Cold weather pure epoxy chemical anchor
    01 Jan, 2015

    GU-500SD 400ml is designed for higher performance demands. With upgraded formula allows winter applications. With excellent performance in winter season, it is particularly for higher strength requirements. Styrene free low odor pure epoxy resin based chemical injection anchoring system can work in water saturated and damp environment.

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    SAITEX 2018 & Trade fair in Mauritius
    11 Jul, 2018

    Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd attended the 25th Southern Africa international trade fair in Johannesburg, South Africa and went to the Mauritius republic to participate in the trade fair held on June 28th.

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    Nylon sleeve for hollow brick fixing
    28 May, 2019

    Anchorings in perforated brick masonry with injection mortars. Forms a solid plug of adhesive in the brick or block cavity to provide secure anchoring point. Once the resin is cured you'll have a very strong anchorage that doesn't reply on expansion and the brick won't crack under load. Suitable fastener for hollow brick, solid brick, perforated bricks, perforated sand-lime brick and solid block made from lightweight concrete base material.

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    150ml Chemical anchors series
    01 Apr, 2015

    150ml is special for DIY household and hardware fastener store. Small volume for one-time disposable using and no special gun required. Used with standard silicon gun.

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Good Use Introduction

Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in producing chemical anchor in the industry. Good Use has been offering our customers high quality injection cartridge, chemical mortar, chemical anchor, anchor capsule, polyester resin,vinylester resin, epoxy acrylate resin, pure epoxy resin, styrene free resin, mixer nozzle, static mixer, plastic mixer, injection gun, caulking gun,dispenser,dispensing tool, dispensing gun, resin anchor since 1997. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Good Use always make sure to meet each customer's demand.