Quality Control

Quality Control

Consistent production process manufacturing

1. Resin material development, chemistry reaction plant.
To have resin factory has the of advantage:
• Can be modified to do the best for resin properties.
• Understanding of resin raw materials chemical characteristic.
• Provide adhesive manufacturer, variety of different applications of the resin material.
• Can be develop own raw materials.
• Modified materials, reaction technique.

2. Plastic injection plant
• Injection cartridge, nylon sleeve, nozzle and plastic accessories development.
• Control production process, including dimensional measurements adaptation, leaking tests,
assemble and installation procedure in time.

3. Chemical anchor production plant
• Raw material inspection before series production.
• Full tests and record by specialist.
• Full inspection by every process of production.
• Sample storage and keep traceability by every shipment.
• Final inspection and random cheek before shipping.

resin and reaction tubes and accessories factory chemical anchor production

Reaction Plant

reaction plant
01. Reaction tank equipment.
02. Professional R&D Laboratory.

Plastic Injection Plant

01. Surface inspection.
02. Dimension test.
03. Dimension measure.
04. Tooling storage.
05. Automatic.
06. Cartridge assembling.

Chemical Anchor Production Plant

01. Automated labeling machine.
02. Raw material Viscosity inspection.
03. Viscosity record.
04. Filling.
05. Hardness Test.
06. Track record.

Chemical Anchor Test

01. Tensile Test.
02. Flooded Tests.
03. Hydraulic cyliuder.
04. Injection grout chemical anchor.
05. Aboroad Thirdly party of Laboratory in tests.
06. Climate chanber.


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Good Use Quality Control Introduction

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