Production Process | Made in Taiwan Injectable Adhesive Mortars Manufacturer for 20 Years | Good Use

High performance epoxy anchoring adhesive for building construction industry

High performance epoxy anchoring adhesive for building construction industry

Production Process

Dedicate to provide high bonding strength injection anchoring mortar

Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. supplies and distributes the largest range of chemical fixing system in Taiwan. We are very proud to offer the complete supplying line from the raw materials to finished products. Resin reaction, cartridge and chemical anchor production are all done in house. We are flexible to deal with bulk orders, customized formula, and varied packing cartridge sizes. To lead the industry professionally as a well-known company, we continually improve our existing chemical anchors and processes.

Production Process Of Chemical Resin

After reaction, Vinyl ester resin can be used for diverse adhesive products in construction industry. Such like making vinylester chemical anchor and alkali and acid-resistant coating for chemical tank or boat. Good Use Hardware is done the reaction in house. We can control the quality and cost to offer more competitive price for vinylester chemical anchor adhesive in the market. We also manufacture Polyester chemical anchor and Epoxy chemical anchor.

Production Process Of Empty Dual Injection Cartridge

Two part chemical adhesive injectable cartridge, mixing nozzle and nylon sleeve are all design and make in our own factory. Most of factory purchase cartridge by outsourcing which increased the cost and less ability to do quality control and customized demands. We supply full range cartridge sizes to meet regular volume in the market. We also have ability to create new item for you.

Production Process Of Injection Chemical Anchor

GOOD USE HARDWARE CO., LTD. is a professional and reputable factory of chemical anchor adhesive for 25 years. We are the first one and No. 1 factory making chemical anchor in Taiwan. Until now, Good Use is still the top legal and licensed factory which supply 70% domestic demands. Our complete distributing network strengthens the supply chain and offers better service for every customer.


Factory and Production Line

Production Process | Made in Taiwan Injectable Adhesive Mortars Manufacturer for 20 Years | Good Use

Located in Taiwan since 1997, Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. has been an injectable adhesive mortars and anchors manufacturer. Their main products, including injection cartridges, chemical mortars, chemical anchors, anchor capsules, polyester resins and vinylester resins, which are sold in 40 countries.

Reputable factory of chemical anchor in Taiwan produces the widest range of adhesive anchor solutions for your concrete anchoring applications. with more than 15 years manufacturing experience for Chemical Anchor System, Injection Cartridge System, Construction Chemical Mortar and more. Certified chemical anchor solutions with wide selections of adhesive materials including epoxy anchors, concrete anchors, resin anchors for heavy loads in rebar application, diamond drilled holes and anchoring in solid concrete. Non-drip formula, ideal for overhead installation. Chemical anchor bolt and anchor fixings included for efficient, hassle-free, labor-saving chemical anchoring.

Good Use has been offering customers certified and tested high-quality chemical anchors, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Good Use ensures each customer's demands are met.