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What is chemical anchor used for?

Connection, extension, join and strengthening for new structure or existing concrete structure from residential buildings to bridges. Extend existing structure like wall extension, column extensions, beam extensions, slab extensions, balcony extensions. Post-installed rebar is less limited and useful for structure reinforcement than concrete covered cast-in place bars. It can be for easy fixings in house or large civil infrastructure. Applications is flexible and wide that all you can find here with full range of chemical anchor.


The load value is key feature of injectable adhesive which has superior bond performance than mechanical fasteners. The manufacturer provides bond strength table or testing report by approval lab for reference. But under different installation conditions like weather, concrete, hole cleaning, installer at construction sites, the result come out differently. So proper installation procedure, right products, suitable testing equipment and trained installer effect the quality.


According to the applications and environment to select proper adhesive anchoring system. There are longer curing time and fast curing time anchoring adhesive, high temperature or cold weather version, epoxy for hammer drilled holes or diamond core drilled holes and so on. Please contact us with your demands.

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  • Polyester Injectable Chemical Anchor
    10:1 two components chemical injection resin for fixing

    150ml, 235ml, 345ml, 360ml and 380ml available for different consumption in projects. All volume cartridge for fixings in non-cracked concrete, masonry, brick, stone, perforated brick.Polyester chemical anchor is common injection anchoring system in the market which is easy to use and apply widely. 2 components filled in various sizes of dual injectable cartridge with ratio 10:1. Load value with rebar and threaded rod is approved by Germany lab under EAD 330499-00-0601 regulation. The comparable price and performance satisfy general fixings like handrail, air conditioner, machine. It is good choice for beginner to handle the product.

  • Pure Epoxy Injectable Chemical Anchor
    3:1 and 1:1 chemical resin cartridge for anchoring

    Epoxy chemical anchor in 400ml, 585ml with 3:1 mixing ratio and in 600ml, 650ml with 1:1 mixing ratio. With excellent capability for tropical, winter season, cracked concrete, wet concrete, seismic and non-sag.Pure epoxy injection mortar is professional for infrastructure, civil engineering projects and heavy construction. It is ultimate high-end anchoring adhesive using under critical conditions. Its superior bond performance, steady property and lower sensitively to temperature that fit wide climate applications and reduce the risk of human error. Flexible use for longer curing speed and extensive applied field. Upgraded GU-500SD epoxy injection mortar satisfied extreme requirement and with great feedback from customers.

  • Epoxy Acrylate Injectable Chemical Anchor
    10:1 two components anchor fixing resin

    We offer 150ml, 235ml, 345ml, 360ml and 380ml for your selection. GU-600 epoxy acrylate bonded anchor is available for fixings in non-cracked concrete, masonry, brick, stone, perforated brick.We do epoxy acrylate resin reaction by ourselves to offer more competitive price, thus our epoxy acrylate injection bonded anchor with high strength and reasonable price is a great option for construction industry. The excellent resistance to acid and alkali is suitable for anchoring in chemical environment. We also offer the caulking tools that go with the chemical anchor. GU-600 epoxy acrylate injection mortar contains styrene. With VOC report, there is no health and safety concerns to install the adhesive. If you need styrene free chemical anchor, please refer to GU-2000 vinyl ester injection glue anchor.

  • Vinylester Injectable Chemical Anchor
    10:1 no styrene chemical injection mortar

    Vinylester is fast curing anchoring resin for quick setting on vertical or overhead installation. It's also efficient for cold weather with workable hardening time. 150ml, 235ml, 345ml, 360ml and 380ml on demands.No styrene contained and VOC approval qualified for eco-friendly and green house. GU-2000 Vinylester glue anchor have excellent performance in resistance to acid and alkali. It is a good choice for chemical industry installation projects. GU-2000 vinylester glue anchor is available for fixings on non-cracked concrete, masonry, brick, stone, perforated brick. We also offer the caulking tools that go with the chemical anchor.

  • Epoxy Can System For Repair Works
    Manual mixing epoxy resin for multiple repair and bonding demands

    Epoxy resin is useful filler, sealer, and adhesive and it is easy to use. Resins and hardeners are packed in two separate cans. Mix can A and can B using a stick in a separate container to eliminate waste. Use the mixed well epoxy mortar to fill cracks, seal a floor or surface or use as an adhesive for bonding purpose. It is easy to bond diverse substances for a wide range of applications. Suitable for concrete, asphalt cracks, wooden furniture, marbles etc. Pure epoxy has high adhesion, stable property, and great resistant to a broad range of chemicals such acids and alkalis etc. It is also styrene free and has VOC approval for indoor application.Good Use Hardware provide 3 types of Epoxy Can System: GUCS-01 is thick epoxy mortar and is available for bonding parts together and repair works on wall, road, and corner. GUCS-02 is clean epoxy resin and suitable for wooden construction repair or use as an adhesive to connect wooden/plastic/glass/ceramic/steel materials. GUCS-03 is liquid epoxy adhesive and is a great option for repair holes, cracks or gaps by filling.Good Use Epoxy can system have conducted multiple tests at SGS testing laboratory. The tests are followed the test method of ASTM D2471-99, C882-05e1, D4541-09e1, D570-98(2010)e1, D695-10, D638-14, G154-12a, D1525-09, D543-06, D1204-14, D1475-98(2008), D2196-15, D92-12b, and SCAQMD 304-91.

  • Nylon Sleeve For Hollow Brick
    M8-M14 Anchor sleeve nylon for chemical injection

    Nylon sleeve is designed to hold anchor bolt and chemical anchor in perforated substrate which is a non-expansion anchor fixing. Nylon sleeve is made by plastic with lattice structure and it is light. When fixing anchor stud on hollow substrate, the nylon sleeve is the component to store the chemical anchor resin and to provide secure anchoring point. With its mesh design the resin can pass through into the voids of the hollow substrate and once the resin is cured, it spreads the load of the anchor stud securely and strongly. No expansion or crack under the heavy loading.Nylon sleeve is a great accessory to increase the anchorage on hollow brick, perforated brick, hollow masonry, honeycomb brick, cavity brick, and structural bricks. Nylon sleeve is also very common to apply for hanging and mounting in wooden projects, interior fixtures, garden decoration and for gripping anchor before glue hardened during ceiling fixing.Good Use nylon sleeve is designed by ourselves and made at our own injection factory. 3 different sizes are available now.M15X85 mm for M8-M10 rod M16X85 mm for M8-M12 rod M20X85 mm for M12-M14 rod

  • Caulking Gun
    One component and dual component adhesive dispenser

    We offer all the needs of dispensing tool with different design, mixing ratio, size, and functions to satisfy various sealant cartridge system included silicone gun, sealant gun, sausage gun, heavy duty gun, 1-Component Manual Dispensers, 2-Component Manual Dispensers.Caulking gun is used for pressing out single component or two components cartridge packed adhesive. It is important to get a right caulking tool that fits the sealant cartridge system. The cartridge should be installed perfectly in gun with same mixing ratio and the pushing rod should aim at the center of cartridge bottom. With proper installation, it would make the adhesive mix precisely and apply easily.

  • Mixing Nozzle and Drilled Hole Cleaning Tools
    Accessory for chemical injection resin

    Two components chemical anchor needs to be mixed before it works. The mixing nozzle plays key role in installation. Once the chemical anchor mixed well through mixing nozzle, it will start curing. Installation for different applications require different working times. It is important to know your installation time to make sure the resin would not harden in the mixing nozzle. If the installation time required longer or if one cartridge cannot be finished one time, you would need spare mixing nozzle for next usage.Mixing nozzle for chemical anchor is designed by ourselves and made at our own injection factory. 2 different sizes are available now.Cleaning drilled holes is the must-do action before installation. Otherwise the dust will lower the bonding strength of the chemical anchor adhesive, so blow-out pump and steel brush are definitely the key tools that you must have for installation. Firstly, use the blow-out pump to blow out the dust, and then use steel brush to clean the remain dust. Repeat the two steps and make sure the drilled holes are cleaned.Good Use Hardware supply various sizes of steel brush and blow-out pump for different applications and installations.

  • B2C
    Chemical anchor is safe and eco-friendly adhesive for most fixing works

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Good Use has been offering customers certified tested high-quality chemical anchors. Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Good Use ensures each customer's demands are met.

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