650ml dual cartridge heavy duty caulking gun

High quality dual barrel cartridge epoxy gun for 600ml/650ml / Chemical anchors factory in Taiwan for strong fixings, heavy duty load, structure reinforcement, repair. 20 years experience in OEM, private label, export worldwide and distributors all over the world.

650ml dual cartridge heavy duty caulking gun - Heavy duty caulking gun - HC6-600
  • 650ml dual cartridge heavy duty caulking gun - Heavy duty caulking gun - HC6-600

650ml dual cartridge heavy duty caulking gun


High quality dual barrel cartridge epoxy gun for 600ml/650ml

600ml/650ml epoxy cartridge heavy caulking gun is for professional demands and high quality request. Smooth and powerful high thrust ratio 26:1 is suitable for cold weather and high viscosity materials. High-performance drive with maximum force 500kgf (4.9kN) which is easy on hand.

Dual cartridge heavy duty epoxy anchor caulking gun

HC7-600 is popular and high feedback epoxy dispenser for 1:1 & 2:1 cartridge. Most customers are satisfied by it's excellent features. A good caulking gun can last longer and save cost. It's our best sell dual gun as the high quality and suitable for most glue brands in the market.

Branding on manual dispenser by logo printing or logo sticker

We can customize your logo on dispenser by many ways. Logo sticker is less cost, time saving, no order quantity limits and flexible design. It also can print on the steel frame directly that will require MOQ and cost increasing. You can make with LOGO, brand name or website on dispenser. Tailor-made color is also acceptable, please offer pantone number to verify the color. We will discuss all details according to your demands and offer best solutions.

Specification of #HC7-600 650ml dual cartridge heavy duty caulking gun
  • Item No.: HC7-600
  • For 600ml and 650ml side by side cartridge
  • Color: Black/Red/Blue
  • Cartridge ratio: 1:1 and 2:1
  • Thrust Ratio: 26:1
  • Handle: Aluminum Alloy
  • Trigger: Metal
  • Carriage: Metal
  • Suitable for Good Use 650ml cartridge of Pure Epoxy.
HC7-600 dual barrel cartridge epoxy gun is suitable for high viscosity sealant
  • Steady quality with competitive price
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Energy saving design
  • Twin gripping plate
  • Anti-drip design
  • Suitable for high viscosity sealant
  • High quality for long-term using
  • Press the trigger for short time pause or pulling out the steel arm
The secret to extruding 600/650ml cartridge - pull the trigger with a rhythm

600ml/650ml side by side tube is quite big and contains a lot of resin mortar inside. Please pump the resin mortar out from the tube slowly just to allow the resin mortar flowing out from the opening of the tube. Don’t pull the trigger too fast. While pumping too fast, the mortar cannot make it to flow out from the opening of the tube, the pumping pressure will force some mortar coming out from the back plunger or cause the caulking gun stuck. So, in order to have the best performance, please pump the mortar slowly with a rhythm. Don’t pump too fast suddenly. While using electrical cordless caulking gun, also please notice the pumping speed.

Storage and re-use
  • Store the caulking gun with the plunger head fully retracted.
  • Clean off any spills or leaks immediately to maximize the life of the gun.
Standard Packing
  • 10pcs per carton
  • Carton dimension: 40x40x37cm(H)
  • N.W.: 18.3KGS
  • G.W.: 19.2KGS
  • 18ctns per pallet
  • Other packing requirements, please check with us.
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Caulking Gun Catalogue
Caulking Gun Catalogue

Non-drip single or dual components dispensing caulking gun with specific ratio for sealant.

Gun Installation Guide
grout caulk

1~3. Remove the screw cap and plug of screw on mixer nozzle.

4. Put the cartridge into the caulking gun. Make sure to put the cartridge in the correct position. The plunger of caulking gun is in the center of cartridge pistons.

5. Press out unmixed resin.


650ml dual cartridge heavy duty caulking gun | Chemical Anchor Manufacturer - Good Use

Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. is one of prime 650ml dual cartridge heavy duty caulking gun | chemical anchors suppliers based in Taiwan since 1997.

Certified chemical anchor solutions with wide selections of adhesive materials including epoxy anchors, concrete anchors, resin anchors for heavy loads in rebar application, diamond drilled holes and anchoring in solid concrete. Non-drip formula, ideal for overhead installation. Chemical anchor bolt and anchor fixings included for efficient, hassle-free, labor-saving chemical anchoring.

Good Use has been offering customers certified tested high-quality chemical anchors. Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Good Use ensures each customer's demands are met.