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  • Cold Weather pure epoxy chemical anchor
    Cold Weather pure epoxy chemical anchor
    GU-500SD 400ml 3:1

    GU-500SD 400ml is a two-component 3:1 ratio, high strength pure epoxy bonded anchoring system that has ultimate performance for rebar connections, heavy anchoring on dry concrete and wet concrete, and cracked and uncracked concrete. Resin and hardener are dispensed and mixed simultaneously through a static mixer nozzle and used in fixing rebars, threaded rods, machinery, staircases, reinforcement bars to concrete, stone, masonry, brick, rock, and other applications. Advanced-formula pure epoxy fixing adhesive is workable in low temperatures and high temperatures. Non-sag paste allows for overhead and wall application.GU-500SD 400ml two component pure epoxy resin chemical anchor is styrene free and low odor. It can be used indoors or in unventilated areas without health and safety worries. Available cartridge sizes: 400ml (3:1) and 585ml (3:1) side by side cartridges.

  • 150ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    150ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    GU-2000 150ml

    GU-2000 150ml is design for DIY fixing market. A two component 10:1 resin chemical anchoring injection system. Convenient setting and fast curing in low temperature. A formulation derived from thread rods, studs, rebar into concrete, masonry, stone and hollow brick. Used for high performance structural applications.No styrene is environmentally friendly item, 150ml packing very suitable house repair and building fixing project. There are 235ml, 345ml, 360ml and 380ml available for diverse market preference.

  • 235ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    235ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    GU-2000 235ml

    GU-2000 235ml is a high performance, rapid curing two-part chemical anchoring system based on a high reactivity Vinyl ester. Applied in side by side action this resin will produce a strong, chemical resistant fixing.

  • 345ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    345ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    GU-2000 345ml

    The injection mortar GU-2000 has a range of test report under ETAG 001 Part 5 standard for non-cracked concrete for thread rod and rebar connections. The GU-2000 has an extended processing time that prevents the premature hardening of the mortar at different temperatures. It is ideally suited to large drill hole depths.

  • 360ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    360ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    GU-2000 360ml

    The Vinyl ester GU-2000 360ml is the most popular resin cartridge system. The fast curing in tropical grade making it convenient to use in guard rails, staircase, machines, awnings, gate and any hollow blocks made from concrete, stone or solid sand-lime brick.

  • 380ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    380ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor
    GU-2000 380ml

    The Vinyl ester styrene free is available in tropical environment and use for fast curing request project. The 380ml cartridge tube is a unique coaxial cartridge system. The 380ml with mixing ratio 10:1 also called 400ml or 410ml in the market. Special dispenser is required to use with the cartridge.

  • Low temperature cure injectable vinylester resin
    Low temperature cure injectable vinylester resin
    GU-2000 380ml

    The GU-2000 is the solution for cold weather adhesive anchoring applications in uncracked concrete. Fast curing is the feature of Vinyl ester. Save time to achieve high bonding strength. No styrene and VOC approval qualified for environmentally friendly and green house. Excellent in acid-resisting, alkali-resisting for chemical industry installation.

  • GU-500SD 400ml is designed for higher performance demands. With upgraded formula allows winter applications. With excellent performance in winter season, it is particularly for higher strength requirements. Styrene free low odor pure epoxy resin based chemical injection anchoring system can work in water saturated and damp environment.Suitable for wet concrete, high chemical resistance, universal solution and heavier loads. Offer excellent adhesion to steel and concrete and has the highest performance and load values of all our systems. Used widely for loads in colder situations due to a low temperature range.

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Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. is Taiwan cold climate supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 1997, in the producing chemical anchor in the industry, Good Use has been offering our customers high quality cold climate production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Good Use always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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