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Q1: What is the difference between materials?
A1: We produce complete chemical anchor cartridges to meet diverse demands. GU-100 Polyester with styrene can meet general fixing applications with competitive price. GU-600 Epoxy Acrylate & GU-2000 Vinylester styrene free are higher performance in construction sites. GU-500 Pure Epoxy with excellent property is suitable for wide climate conditions.

Q2: What is the difference between cartridge volume?
We have injection machines to produce various cartridge sizes. There are 150ml, 235ml(300ml), 345ml, 360ml, 380ml (400ml, 410ml) for GU-100, GU-800, GU-600, GU-2000 and 400ml & 650ml for GU-500. Small volumes are suitable for low consumption in DIY market. Bigger volumes are for construction sites.

Q3: Styrene free v.s. with Styrene?
In some countries required environmentally friendly materials that styrene-free series (GU-2000, GU-500) are good choice.

Q4: Gelling time (working time) & full curing time (hardening time)?
It will be varied under different temperature. Higher temp. the time will be shorter and lower temp. the time will be longer. GU-2000 Vinylester is designed for fast curing and GU-500 is for longer working time required.



Temperature () Gelling Time Full Curing Time
0 ~ 5   8 hr.
5 ~ 10 40 min. 7 hr.
10 ~ 20 30 min. 6 hr.
20 ~ 30 8 min. 3 hr.
30 ~ 40 3 min. 2 hr.
Haul strength testing should be implemented after 24 hours.


Temperature () Gelling Time Full Curing Time
5 ~ 10 1 - 2 hr. 90 - 100 hr.
10 ~ 20 30 - 60 min. 30 - 60 hr.
20 ~ 30 14 - 30 min. 14 - 22 hr.
30 ~ 40 10 - 20 min. 6 - 12 hr.


Temperature () Gelling Time Full Curing Time
5 ~ 9 2 hr. 90 hr.
10 ~ 14 90 min. 64 hr.
15 ~ 19 45 min. 28 hr.
20 ~ 29 30 min. 18 hr.
30 ~ 39 20 min. 7 hr.
40 12 min. 5 hr.


Temperature () Gelling Time Full Curing Time
0 ~ 5   6 hr.
5 ~ 10 30 min. 5 hr.
10 ~ 20 20 min. 4 hr.
20 ~ 30 10 min. 2 hr.
30 ~ 40 5 min. 40 min.
Haul strength testing should be implemented after 24 hours.


Temperature () Gelling Time Full Curing Time
0 ~ 5   4 hr.
5 ~ 10 16 min. 3 hr.
10 ~ 20 12 min. 2 hr.
20 ~ 30 8 min. 60 min.
30 ~ 40 3 min. 30 min.
Haul strength testing should be implemented after 24 hours.

Q5: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
Good Use is audited regularly for reaccreditation to the ISO 9001 management. Quality control monitors the production procedure of each individual order. Product testing of each production batch will be made to make sure the quality.

Q6: Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are. Good Use Factory is established in compliance with the regulations of environmental protection bureau & government and legally manufactures chemical products. We have our own resin factory and injection factory. Injecting cartridges and accessories, mortar mixing, cartridge filling, labelling and packing all take place under one roof.

Q7: How to store the injection cartridges?  How is the shelf life?
The products should be stored between 10℃ to 25℃ to make sure to have the best shelf life. The best shelf life of GU-100 and GU-800 polyester resin is 12 months from manufacture date in un-opened cartridge. For the other materials (vinylester, epoxy acrylate, pure epoxy), the best shelf life is 18 months from manufacture date in un-opened cartridge.

Q8: What can we do if the injection cartridge is not finished yet?
The opened injection cartridge can be re-used next time with a new mixing nozzle. Before closing with its cap and cover, please remove the used mixing nozzle away and clean the opening of the injection cartridges to avoid the mixed mortar stuck in the opening.


Q1: How to get sample?
A1: According to the local market information customer provided, we will offer 2 pcs free sample for testing. But the shipping charge will be on buyer's side. Buyer's Air Express account is also workable.

Q2: How to pay the sample fee?
If you need extra sample for testing, we accept T/T & Paypal.

Q3: Which Air Express the sample will be sent?
We have contracted with GDA/YCS/ANOX. EMS is also available.

Q4: How to test sample?
Please consult with sales representative if you need any suggestions. Recommend to record the testing procedure by photo or video for further discussion.


Q1: What is the standard package?
A1: Our standard package is 1 cartridge 1 mixer nozzle in plastic bag. 1 cartridge with 2 mixer per bag is also ok.

Standard Pack/Set Pcs/Ctn Ctn Size(cm) Ctn/Pallet Pallets/ 20'FCL Pallets/ 40'FCL
150ml+ 1mixer+ 1Plunger 20 31.5×24.2×28.3 70 9 20
235ml+ 1mixer 20 31.5×24.2×26 60 9 20
345ml+ 1mixer 20 36.1×24.8×27.3 60 9 20
360ml+ 1mixer 20 36.1×24.8×27.3 60 9 20
380ml+ 1mixer 20 36.4×29.7×24.8 45 9 20
400ml+ 1mixer 20 40×24.8×28 50 9 20
650ml+ 1mixer 10 31.5×24.2×28 70 9 20

Q2: Is customized packing available?
A2: Yes, please provide further details to check cost for you.

Q3: Can we have our own label?
A3: Yes, clients can send us the label design or ideas. The min. Quantity for customer's label is 6,000pcs each design and partial shipment is allowed.


Q1: How to purchase?
A1According to your inquiry and market, we offer professional suggestions and suitable product to meet your expectation. After sample testing and order qty confirmed, we will issue proforma invoice for payment. Regarding purchase quantity and producing schedule, we will notify estimated shipping arrangement.

production process

Q2: How to get the quotation?
A2: You can send inquiry via email, fax or phone with product specification. We will ask few standard questions to understand your market and offer further suggestions before quoting.

Q3: Could you quote full product range?
A3: We have complete chemical anchor range with diverse sizes. Please advise which material and&nbsp size you are interested for quotation. Or inform which brand you are supplying then we can recommend similar one to you.

Q4: What is the Payment Terms?
A4: We prefer T/T once the order is confirmed for first cooperation. From second order, 50% deposit as order confirmed and 50% before shipment. At sight L/C will be acceptable, but the price will be a little higher, because of the high L/C banking fee.

Q5: What is your Trade Term?

Q6: Do you have MOQ?
A6: No, we don't. But, unit price and shipping fee will be different by the order quantity. For bigger order quantity, each cartridge will share less shipping fee.

Q7: Can you do customized products (tailor-made) or ODM ? 
A7: Yes, we are specialized in manufacturing chemical anchor with private label for 20 years. Special formula development is also available.

Q8: How long is the lead time (producing time) ?
A8: It's depended on order qty and production schedule. Please advise estimated order qty for checking.


Q1: How to ship the goods?
A1: We can arrange to ship by sea, air, courier, door to door per clients' demand. Assigned forwarder is also workable.

Q2: Is it required loading in container with air-conditioner?
A2: No, it isn't. We have experiences in exporting chemical anchor worldwide for 20 years. No quality issue in regular container during shipment.

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