360ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor

360ml injectable vinylester chemical anchor

GU-2000 360ml

Fast cure chemical mortar anchoring

The Vinyl ester GU-2000 360ml is the most popular resin cartridge system. The fast curing in tropical grade making it convenient to use in guard rails, staircase, machines, awnings, gate and any hollow blocks made from concrete, stone or solid sand-lime brick.

Chemical fixing system - Fast curing viny lester chemical anchor

The obvious characteristic of vinylester hybrid mortar is fast curing to save installation time and hardening time. We develop diverse curing time to meet different country weather and installation temperature. Fast curing formula is not suitable for nonstandard high temperature which caused curing time accelerated. Please check technical data sheet for safety installation.


  • Material: Vinylester Styrene Free
  • Model Number: GU-2000
  • Size: 360ml
  • Shelf Life: 18 months
  • Mixing Ratio: 10:1
  • Mixed Color: Gray
  • Standard Package: One cartridge with one mixer
  • Other Accessory: Mixer, caulking gun, nylon sleeve, air pump, brush

Features & Benefits

  • High durability, reliability fixation.
  • Fast curing adhesive system.
  • Styrene free and low VOC.
  • Excellent alkaline resistance.
  • Fits 360ml caulking gun.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Hollow brick fixing under sleeves and vinyl ester mortar

The extensive range of accessories sleeves is perfectly tailored to the injection mortar family GU-2000 360ml, increases the high flexibility of the system, and thus enables a broad range of applications.

Technical Data


PressureDestroy Haul Strength
Safety Haul Strength
Working Standard
Concrete Strength4,000 psi280 kg/cm24,000 psi280 kg/cm2Hole DiameterHole Depth
Rebar No.#3(Φ10)3,54035.81,18011.91390
Remarks:1. Concrete Strength fc': 280kg/cm2 (4,000 psi)
2. Rebar Strength: #3~#5 fy: 2,800 kgf/cm2, #6~#11 fy= 4,200 kgf/cm2


Temperature (°C)GellingFull Curing
590 min. 8 hr.
1040 min.4 hr.
2018 min.1.5 hr.
309 min.1 hr.
406 min.1 hr.
Please make pull out test over 24 hours after full cured.


Anchor SizeHole Diameter
Hole Depth
Number of Fixings
Note: Based on continuous installation without interruptions or nozzle changes. Provided as a guide and will vary with temperature.

How to install chemical anchor?

1. Drill the specific hole size and depth. 2. Clean dust with brush and air blow pump. 3. Press out unmixed resin which can't be used. 4. Inject mixed resin into drilled hole and fill from the bottom. 5. Insert rebar/threaded rod/steel strip. Curing time refer to TDS. Don't touch until full curing. The installation process will affect the bonding performance of chemical anchors.

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  • Mixing nozzle - Static mixer 817
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  • 360ml Empty Cartridge - 360ml Empty Cartridge
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    360ml cartridge is nylon material, higher storing stability due to separate storage of both components, easy blending of two components without a separate blending process.

Files Download

Gun Installation Guide
1) Caulking gun for 360ml injection cartridge.2. Remove the screw cap.
gun caulkinggun caulking
3) Screw on mixer nollze.4) Put the cartridge into the caulking gun and start construction.
gun caulkinggun caulking


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