Extreme weather pure epoxy chemical anchor bolts

Extreme weather pure epoxy chemical anchor bolts

Ratio 3:1, Winter season special formula

Pure epoxy resin 400ml cartridge

With excellent performance in winter season, it is particularly for higher strength requirements. High performance styrene free low odor pure epoxy resin based chemical injection anchoring system. Used in wet or flooded environment.

Suitable for wet concrete, high chemical resistance, universal solution and heavier loads. Offer excellent adhesion to steel and concrete and has the highest performance and load values of all our systems. Used widely for loads in colder situations due to a low temperature range.


  • Material: Pure Epoxy
  • Size: 400ml
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • Mixing Ratio: 3:1 (400ml)
  • Mixing Color: Dark Green
  • Standard Package: one cartridge with one mixer

Fixing onto solid bases

Solid BrickHollow BrickConcreteRock / StoneMarbleSolid Block

Where Chemical Anchor used for?
chemical anchors application

Features & Benefits

  • Extra heavy duty bond and high load capacity.
  • Excellent adhesion on dry, wet and filled holes.
  • No freeze in winter season.
  • Use in wet or flooded environments and fixing holes.
  • Wet hole applications are possible. (about 20% reduction of recommended loads.)
  • Higher strength than GU-500. The best on the market.
  • Styrene free and low odour.
  • ICC certification is pending.


  • High performance especially for rebar applications.
  • Approved for diamond drilled holes.
  • Anchoring in large hole diameters and deep holes possible.
  • For applications in wet concrete or flooded hole and where very heavy load are required.
  • Perfect for satellite dish mountings, safety barriers, canopies.
  • Low VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds) for green projects.

Testing Vedio & Certification

Testing Video. Please Check Here.


Chemical Anchors Installation Instruction

How to install chemical anchor?
Drill the specific hole size and depth. Clean dust with brush and air blow pump. Press out unmixed resin which can't be used. Inject mixed resin into drilled hole and fill from the bottom. Insert rebar/threaded rod/steel strip. Curing time refer to TDS. Don't touch until full curing. The installation process will affect the bonding performance of chemical anchors.

Temperature condition

Storage Temperature
10°C - 30°C(50°F - 86°F), avoid direct sunlight. Dry and dark environment with temperature ranging.

Technical Data


Temperature (°C)GellingFull Curing
5~101 - 2 hr.28 - 42 hr.
10~2030 - 60 min.18 - 28 hr.
20~3014 - 30 min.12 - 18 hr.
30~4010 - 20 min.6 - 12 hr.
Pull out testing should be implemented after 24 hours.


PressureDestroy Haul Strength (Kgf/KN)Safety Haul Strength (Kgf/KN)Working Standard (mm)
Concrete Strength4,000 psi280 kg/cm24,000 psi280 kg/cm2Hole DiameterHole Depth
Rebar No.#3(Φ10)3,62236.61,20712.21390
Remarks:1. Concrete Strength fc': 280kg/cm2 (4,000 psi)
2. Rebar Strength: #3~#5 fy: 2,800 kgf/cm2, #6~#11 fy= 4,200 kgf/cm2


Anchor SizeHole Diameter
Hole Depth
Number of Fixings
Note: Based on continuous installation without interruptions or nozzle changes. Provided as a guide and will vary with temperature.

Standard Packing

  • One cartridge with one mixer in plastic bag. Or one cartridge with two mixers in plastic bag.
  • 20 sets per carton.
  • Good Use Label or no Label.
  • EXP Date on the top of cartridge.
  • Customized Packing.
  • Let us know your requirement, we'll try to save your budget and meet deadline. Please Contact Us.
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Gun Installation Guide

grout caulk

Caulking gun video

How to use a caulking gun?

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01Jan 2015
GU-500 SD400ml is special for winter season

GU-500 SD400ml is designed for higher performance demands. With upgraded formula allows winter applications.

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Good Use Extreme weather pure epoxy chemical anchor bolts Service Introduction

Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Extreme weather pure epoxy chemical anchor bolts supplier and manufacturer with more than 15 years experence. Since 1997, in the producing chemical anchor in the industry, Good Use has been offering our customers high quality Extreme weather pure epoxy chemical anchor bolts production service. With both advanced technology and 15 years experience, Good Use always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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