Epoxy Chemical Anchor For Varying Weather

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Epoxy Chemical Anchor For Varying Weather - Epoxy anchor for different climate conditions
  • Epoxy Chemical Anchor For Varying Weather - Epoxy anchor for different climate conditions

Epoxy Chemical Anchor For Varying Weather

GU-500SD 400ml 3:1

Cracked Concrete Epoxy Chemical Anchoring

GU-500SD 400ml is strongest in all chemical anchoring. Remarkable at cold weather, cracked concrete and water saturated holes.

Ultimate performance for rebar connections, heavy anchoring on dry concrete, wet concrete, cracked and uncracked concrete. Advanced-formula pure epoxy adhesive is workable at wide temperature and crucial anchoring. Quality tested and approved by Germany lab. Non-sag allows for overhead and suspended ceiling application. There is also 585ml available in the range.

Chemical fixing system - Ultimate performance pure epoxy chemical anchor

High-end epoxy mortar for heavy anchoring and critical conditions. In variation case of anchoring work which required higher performance to satisfy and secure the anchoring in dry, wet, uncracked, cracked concrete even in seismic conditions or temperature variation and installation limitation. We tested diverse anchoring condition in ETAG approval lab and with report to compare. Epoxy injectable adhesive anchor is strongest one of bonding fasteners which is growing demands.

Specification of GU-500SD Pure epoxy chemical anchor
  • Material: Pure Epoxy
  • Model Number: GU-500SD
  • Size: 400ml
  • Shelf Life: 18 months
  • Mixing Ratio: 3:1
  • Mixing Color: Orange
  • Standard Package: One cartridge with one mixer
  • Other Accessory: Mixer, caulking gun, nylon sleeve, air pump, brush
Good Use pure epoxy chemical anchor is suitable to work in wide temperature range
  • Workable in low and high temperature
  • Can be used in wet concrete hole (Reduction of the recommended loads of 20%)
  • Heavy duty loading
  • Non-sag for overhead and wall application
  • Good performance on uncracked and cracked concrete
  • Ideal for deep embedment and large holes
  • No shrinkage
  • Styrene free, low odor, and LEED tested for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No health or safety concern to slow down your work
  • ETA in process.
All Good Use chemical anchors have done sustained loads test at IWB lab in Germany

There is no qualified lab with equipment for testing bonding anchor according ETA regulations in Asia. All our items are tested by EAD 330499-00-0601 which is comprehensive plan for both of rebar and threaded rods. We cooperate and consult with leading experts in Europe who dedicate in the fasteners field for more than two decades. We keep improving our research capacity and upgrade international approvals of chemical anchor.

Non-sag chemical epoxy for cold weather anchoring

High strength pure epoxy mortar has ultimate performance for rebar connections and heavy anchoring, even in cold weather. It can use in all year and four seasons as well as easy storage. For extremely cold, you can check vinylester material or contact us for customized formula.

Epoxy for water saturated concrete anchoring

High quality epoxy can meet all fastening purpose and fixing solutions. GU-500SD can install at wet concrete with excellent performance. (Bonding strength will decrease than installed at dry concrete.) We have performance report by leading lab, please feel free to check with us.

Technical Data


PressureDestroy Haul Strength (Kgf/KN)Safety Haul Strength (Kgf/KN)Working Standard (mm)
Concrete Strength4,000 psi280 kg/cm24,000 psi280 kg/cm2Hole DiameterHole Depth
Rebar No.#3(Φ10)3,62236.61,20712.21390
Remarks:1. Concrete Strength fc': 280kg/cm2 (4,000 psi)
2. Rebar Strength: #3~#5 fy: 2,800 kgf/cm2, #6~#11 fy= 4,200 kgf/cm2


Temperature (°C)GellingFull Curing
5~92 hr.90 hr.
10~1490 min.64 hr.
15~1945 min.28 hr.
20~2930 min.18 hr.
30~3920 min.7 hr.
4012 min.5 hr.
Please make pull off test for at least 24 hours after full cured.


Anchor SizeHole Diameter
Hole Depth
Number of Fixings
Note: Based on continuous installation without interruptions or nozzle changes. Provided as a guide and will vary with temperature.
How to use a caulking gun?

1. There is a small trigger on the back of the caulking gun. Press the release trigger with your thumb. This will loosen the long steel rod that runs through the entirety of the frame. 2. Pull the plunger all the way back. 3. Remove the white cap and plug of tube and then screw the mixer nozzle on to the tube. Insert the flat end of the tube into the back of the gun first and put the tube with the mixer nozzle in the front. Pull the handle trigger to move the plungers of caulking gun. Make sure that the plungers of caulking gun are in the center of tube pistons. It is very important to put the tube in the correct position.

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Files Download
Pure Epoxy Catalogue
Pure Epoxy Catalogue

Bonding strength table on dry concrete by different hole sizes and depth. Especially for big diameter rebars/threaded rods.

GU-500SD 400ml Pure Epoxy Technical Data Sheet
GU-500SD 400ml Pure Epoxy Technical Data Sheet

Technical information of anchor design, curing time, edge distance, consumption per hole and installation procedure for GU-500SD pure epoxy.


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