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  • 300ml silicone sealant skeleton caulk gun
    300ml silicone sealant skeleton caulk gun
    WT-214H 9”

    WT-214H 9” is made of high-quality metal, the gun body is strong and durable. The comfortable handle with energy saving and wear-resistant design make it easier to use. Smooth rod design for squeeze the adhesive more smoothly and evenly. Simple structure with external gloss spray coating. 100% Taiwan made reliable silicone sealant caulking gun with good price. Perfect for all types of caulking, sealing, and gluing projects.

  • 300ml silicone sealant metal caulk gun
    300ml silicone sealant metal caulk gun
    WT-214L 10.5”

    WT-214L 10.5” is economical option for all kind of caulking. 18:1 high thrust ratio makes thick adhesive flow more easily which dispenses the glue more efficiently. The ergonomic design and easy cartridge attachment system provides great performance for the works. It is made of sturdy steel and zinc alloy for extra durability. The plunger rod offers comfortable grip and the skeleton frame is easy to clean. 100% Taiwan made reliable sealant caulking gun with good price and short lead time.

  • 300ml silicone sealant gun
    300ml silicone sealant gun

    #215-AN is 1-component and 2-component manual dispenser designed with U-opening steel frame, Ladder hook puller, Pressure Relief Device and Heat treatment steel push plates and rod. High quality and good price make it as popular item for oversea market. There are other compatible 300ml caulking gun like #215-IHR, P4-P01D, #811N.

  • 300ml silicone glue gun
    300ml silicone glue gun

    #215-IHR is a lightweight and economical price adhesive dispenser. Excellent design with rotatable 360° frame and convenient ladder hook puller. The material is coated aluminum alloy and steel with heat treatment steel push plates and rod to make it powerful and highly durable. It is suitable with 150ml, 280ml, 300ml versatile adhesive cartridge and sealant. There are other compatible 300ml caulking gun like #215-AN, P4-P01D, #811N.

  • 160ml heavy duty two component adhesive dispensing gun
    160ml heavy duty two component adhesive dispensing gun

    LG97-160 dual component caulk gun has high thrust ratio 26:1. It is designed for 160ml adhesive with 1:1 mixing ratio. Ideal for DIY repair, renovation for small area. This manual dual cartridge applicator is made with heavy duty metal with premium finish offer durable quality. It could premix two part adhesive from the cartridge and very easy to trigger and dispense various of sealant smoothly and precisely. Suitable for cold weather applications.

  • 380ml coaxial cartridge caulking gun
    380ml coaxial cartridge caulking gun

    G34-380 manual dispenser is for 380/410ml co-axial adhesive cartridge with mechanical thrust ratio: 18:1 / Stroke: 5.5mm. Suitable for high viscosity sealant in cold weather and maximum force is 350kgf (3.5kN). High quality of aluminum alloy handle / Steel trigger, Twin heat treatment steel push plates, Heat treatment chrome plated push rod.

  • 385ml double tube glue gun
    385ml double tube glue gun

    G34-385 dripless adhesive dispenser is designed for 385ml 3:1 side by side cartridge. The mechanical thrust ratio: 18:1 / Stroke: 5.5mm and suitable for high viscosity sealant with maximum force is 400kgf (3.9kN). Lightweight body, more efficient and easier to use, excellent working time.

  • 585ml double tube glue gun
    585ml double tube glue gun

    HC7-585 is twin Component applicator for 585ml & 385ml cartridge. Mechanical thrust ratio is 26:1, Stroke 4mm and maximum force 500kgf (4.9kN). Powerful gripping plate for greater durability, easy to release and high viscosity sealant.

  • Blow-Out pump for hole cleaning
    Blow-Out pump for hole cleaning

    BAP-S blow-out pump is a solution for all kinds of sealant and epoxy installation. The air pressure is 5kg and with the 360° circumgyrate air-out pipe we can clean the drilled holes easily in any direction. It is light and portable, definitely a must-have tool for chemical anchor fixing. BAP-S blow-out pump is suitable for small size of drilled hole.

  • 235ml Empty Cartridge
    235ml Empty Cartridge

    235ml empty dual cartridge is small, high material nylon for DIY market. Easy extrusion with mixing ratio 10:1 and special caulking gun required.

  • 345ml Empty Cartridge
    345ml Empty Cartridge

    345ml excellent sealing nylon cartridge fits industry chemical anchor and adhesive dispensers. Plunger seal design provides excellent leak-resistant for low and high viscosity materials.

  • 360ml Empty Cartridge
    360ml Empty Cartridge

    360ml cartridge is nylon material, higher storing stability due to separate storage of both components, easy blending of two components without a separate blending process.

  • 380ml Empty Cartridge
    380ml Empty Cartridge

    380ml cartridge type is coaxial and high grade nylon material. Single tube requires to apply with coaxial central extrusion tool.

  • Caulking gun for silicon sealant
    Caulking gun for silicon sealant
    #215-IHR Silicone Dispensing

    silicone sealant gun is very useful home tool for multiple type of glue. Not only for universal silicone tube but also available for two components cartridge type adhesive. The price and quality are diverse in the market. One good quality caulking tool can last for years. If you already have silicone gun, our 150ml fixing glue will be less cost to you, no extra tool required.

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