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  • High Temperature Epoxy Anchoring
    High Temperature Epoxy Anchoring
    GU-500 650ml 1:1

    1:1 ratio 650ml epoxy base injection mortar for anchoring projects in high temperature country. Use with universal 1:1 dispensing tools. Two components pure epoxy summer epoxy adhesive is styrene free and low odor to fix machinery, staircases, reinforcement bars, rebars, and threaded rods to concrete, stone, masonry, brick, rock, and other construction fixings. Pure epoxy chemical anchoring system can provide a longer working time and have better flexibility during installation. It can be used indoors or in unventilated areas without health and safety concerns. There is also 600ml available in the range.

  • High viscosity epoxy can system for repair works
    High viscosity epoxy can system for repair works

    GUCS-01 is high viscosity epoxy structural adhesive. When mix the resin and hardener, you will receive thick epoxy mortar. Thus GUCS-01 is perfect for repair cracks or holes in the areas that required poor flowability, such like edges and corners. Excellent adhesion with the surface of concrete and steels, no cracking and no peeling. Epoxy resin also provides longer working time to allow constructers to trim the mortar.

  • Manual mixing transparent epoxy resin for bonding parts
    Manual mixing transparent epoxy resin for bonding parts

    GUCS-02 is clear liquid epoxy adhesive. Due to its strong bond, it can be used as an adhesive to connect parts together by applying a thin layer with a brush, assemble the parts back together, and allow it to cure. It can also be used for repairing cracks on wooden/plastic/glass/ceramic/steel materials. For small crack in a surface, use a toothpick to apply the resin so it will fill the crack. When the resin cures, the crack will be completely sealed and waterproof.

  • Low viscosity epoxy can system for filling cracks
    Low viscosity epoxy can system for filling cracks

    GUCS-03 is liquid epoxy mortar and can be poured into holes or cracks directly or used with a brush. It ideally for the applications that requiring superior bonding strength and repairing hard-to-reach areas where a flow able epoxy resin is achievable. With effective bonding performance, it can also be used as an adhesive for fixing objects on concrete, ceramic, and most other building materials.

  • Construction epoxy resin for concrete anchors
    Construction epoxy resin for concrete anchors
    GU-500 650ml Epoxy

    650ml epoxy with mixing ratio 1:1 is another choice of high strength anchor resin for residence repair. You can buy higher quality bonding adhesive for building repair to secure longer serving life. Self-build house or small scale construction engineering with small consumption can purchase anchoring glue directly from us. You can order by demand quantity from factory with reasonable price and quality warranty.

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Good Use epoxy resin Service Introduction

Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. is Taiwan epoxy resin supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 1997, in the producing chemical anchor in the industry, Good Use has been offering our customers high quality epoxy resin production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Good Use always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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