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Chemical anchors factory in Taiwan for strong fixings, heavy duty load, structure reinforcement, repair. 20 years experience in OEM, private label, export worldwide and distributors all over the world.

Products Information

We listed some Q&A about our product here. If you have any other question, please click here to contact us. 

Yes, we are the first manufacturer of chemical anchor in Taiwan with over 20 years reputation. We also have injection molding machine to produce the cartridge for packing chemical anchor, the mixer nozzle, and nylon sleeve. We have our own brand Good Use for the chemical anchors and are also available to provide OEM/ODM service.
Yes, we are professional manufacturer for chemical anchor with over 20 years’ experience. To customize special formula or other chemical material per customers’ requirement is available. Please send us the specification and requirement, our professional engineer will discuss with you and offer the best solution that guarantee the highest quality.

We developed four kinds of chemical anchors to meet the market demands. With different materials and formula, they can be used in different applications.

  • GU-100 Polyester with styrene is good for general fixing applications with economical price.
  • GU-600 Epoxy Acrylate and GU-2000 Vinylester styrene free are mainly to use for construction sites with its excellent performance.
  • GU-500 Pure Epoxy is able to bear wide range of temperature from 5 to 40 Celsius degree.

Now you have the initial concept of the chemical anchors. Want to learn more about it? Click here to contact us.

Styrene is concerned about health effects on large amount using under long period and environmentally aware. While the consumption of styrene-containing resins still represents a larger portion of the Unsaturated Polyester and Vinyl ester market volume, the use of styrene-free resin systems has been steadily increasing in recent years. Our GU-100 and GU-600 chemical anchors contain Styrene and GU-2000 and GU-500 chemical anchor is Styrene free. You can choose the chemical anchor according to your specification.

We design the cartridge and capacity according to the resin mixing ratio and market demand. Small cartridge is good for low consumption user, such like DIY market. Large volume is a great option for construction projects.

Now we have 4 types of cartridge and 7 different capacities.

  • Coaxial cartridge (10:1 resin) for 150ml, and 380ml
  • Side by side cartridge (10:1 resin) for 235ml, 345ml, and 360ml
  • Side by side cartridge (3:1 resin) for 400ml
  • Side by side cartridge (1:1 resin) for 650ml

Our GU-100, GU-600, and GU-2000 series of chemical anchor are in 10:1 resin ratio, and GU-500 series is in 1:1 and 3:1 resin ratio.

By having our own injection molding machine, we are able to customize the cartridge and capacity. Please contact us for the customized service.

We also call gelling time as working time and curing time as hardening time. It is important to know the gelling time and curing time before you start using chemical anchor. However, the time will be varied under different temperature. Please refer to the table below. We have three series of chemical anchor designed for fast curing which are GU-100, GU-600, and GU-2000. And GU-500 series is an option for long working time. Customer should consider the conditions at the installation site before choosing the right chemical anchor.
We are ISO 9001 management system qualified company. Moreover, we do 100% inspection at every production process and random inspection for each shipment before shipping. We are so confident in our quality.
The shelf life for new and unused GU-100 Polyester chemical anchor is 12 months from manufacture date. For the other series the shelf life can up to 18 months. We suggest to store the chemical anchors between 15-25℃ degrees and avoid direct sunlight.
The used chemical anchor can be re-used next time with a new mixing nozzle. Before you keep it in the cabinet, make sure to remove the used nozzle and clean the opening of the cartridge to avoid the mixed mortar stuck there. Then screw the cap on the cartridge. When you need the chemical anchor next time, just install a new mixing nozzle you can use it again.

Good installation is critical to performance. Here is the 5-step for the installation. If you have any query, please contact us.

1. DRILLING: Drill correct hole size and depth on concrete/brick/stone/masonry.

2. HOLE CLEANING: Blow out dust and clean the hole with brush, then blow out remaining dust.

3. INJECTING: Inject mixed adhesive from the bottom of the hole.

4. INSERTING: Insert and rotate stud/bolt/anchor/rebar/threaded rods into the hole.

5. HARDENING AND CURING: Time table refer to TDS. Don't touch until full curing.

How to install the chemical anchor

Click here for the installation video clip

Ambient temperatures can have negative effects on the proper curing of epoxy. When installing Good Use chemical anchor, it requires the temperature of the substrate is above 0℃, and the chemical anchor should keep at required temperature range(see below). To solve this issue, it is good practice to keep chemical anchors stored inside a job site trailer or under controlled temperature at all times.GU-100/GU-600/GU-2000: The mortar temperature should maintain at 20-25℃ GU-500/GU-500SD: The mortar temperature should maintain at 15-30℃


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Concrete Anchors | Chemical Anchor Manufacturer - Good Use

Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. is one of prime epoxy anchors | chemical anchors suppliers based in Taiwan since 1997.

Certified chemical anchor solutions with wide selections of adhesive materials including epoxy anchors, concrete anchors, resin anchors for heavy loads in rebar application, diamond drilled holes and anchoring in solid concrete. Non-drip formula, ideal for overhead installation. Chemical anchor bolt and anchor fixings included for efficient, hassle-free, labor-saving chemical anchoring.

Good Use has been offering customers certified tested high-quality chemical anchors. Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Good Use ensures each customer's demands are met.

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